"Bloody Birds"

“Viewer discretion is advised”

Video Art display "Bloody Birds" by Nameera Ahmed at exhibition titled "Rupture/Rapture"
Curated by: Sumbul Khan
Venue: VM Art Gallery, Karachi
Date: April 4th- 17th 2012

The video starts with a Pollock-esque image, a dark canvas with splashes of paint it seems, but as the video progresses, a gory aspect is revealed.

With references also to the surrealist Georges Franju’s 1949 documentary “Le Sang Des Betes” (The Blood of the Beasts) the statement my videowork poses is a critique of our eating obsessions and fetishes and the mass production of meat by the boom of the poultry industry in recent decades

By juxtaposing audio from a cooking show where the host talks about delicious 'chicken strips', it creates a parallel bird inferno with the enraptured 'chirpy' voice of the cooking host.

Artist’s Statement:

This video artwork is a continuation of my previous works on the theme of ‘the aesthetics of pollution’ where I forced the viewer to look at things we normally turn our faces away from. Within this theme my previous work for the ‘One Mile Square’ project displayed close-up videos of solid-waste pollution, running sewers, and industrial pollution.

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