About Me

Nameera is a scuba diving instructor and documentary filmmaker.

She has been making documentary films on themes such as the environment, floods, mangrove depletion, literacy, education, health, women's issues, with an experience of production work in England, France, Turkey and Pakistan. 

Her films have had international screenings in various countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Nameera is a polyglot with a professional working proficiency in English, French, Turkish, and her native Urdu.

In addition to following her professional passion in documentary filmmaking, Nameera is also a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified Open Water Scuba Instructor
. She has been diving off the coast of Karachi making underwater videos of the exquisite marine life of Pakistan.

    Her works may be viewed at:
    Vimeo Channel
    Facebook Page


English (native-level proficiency)
French (CIEP-DELF B2)
Turkish (professional working proficiency)
Urdu (native-proficiency)
Spoken Hindi (native-proficiency)
Farsi (beginner-level)

PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors certifications:

- Open Water Scuba Instructor
- Divemaster                                             
- Specialty Diver: Equipments Specialist                 
- Specialty Diver: Underwater Photographer           
- Rescue Diver                                                      
- Emergency Responder (CPR/First Aid)                  
- Advanced Open Water Diver                  
- Open Water Diver

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