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“SIUT: A Replicable Model”
SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) Karachi. 2016

A documentary film highlighting the world class health care model established by Dr. Adib Rizvi, based on equal partnership between the government, community and doctors.

“Tribal Trouble Part II”
BSWA (Bhittai Social Watch and Advocacy) Khairpur, Shikarpur, Larkana, Karachi.  2015

A documentary film about the issue of tribal conflicts in northern Sindh, and highlights the plight of women in these tribal affected communities.

“The Mermaid of Churna Island” 
 Karachi. 2014
A documentary film about Pakistan's first and only female scuba diving instructor and the hurdles she had to overcome to take this path.

“MALC, The Journey Continues” 
Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, Karachi. 2013
The history of the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre and its successful battle in countering this horrible disease in Pakistan.

“Kumharvara: In Search of the Potters' Place” 
Fourth ASNA International Clay Triennial, Rangoonwala Hall, Karachi. 2013
The original Kumbhar community has been relocated and Kumbharvara has become a part of the cultural memory of Karachi, which is endangered by rapid development schemes. 

“Building Hope with Literacy” 
Rotary Club International, Women's Development Forum. 2012

This film is about non-formal education centres being run by Women's Development Foundation with the auspices of Rotary Club Brantford Canada and Rotary Club Karachi South. Following special books by the name of "Jugnoo" Series, developed by the Literate Pakistan Foundation, this method helps women and girls to receive basic literacy in a period of 3-4 months.

“60 Years of Oxford University Press Pakistan” 
Oxford University Press. 2012

This is an oral history video telling the story of Oxford University Press Pakistan since 1952 up to present times. Through the interviews taken with former General Managers in Oxford, Kent, Norfolk and London, and with present employees in Karachi who have been with OUP Pakistan for more than 15 years it tells the story of its tremendous growth through their experiences and anecdotes. 

This oral history video is part of the museum of publishing which was inaugurated at the OUP Pakistan, Karachi as part of its 60-years celebrations, and is a Newsline Films Production.

“Rescuing Raheema” 
 Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, OXFAM. 2011
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This is my third film on the theme of the Pakistan floods, "Rescuing Raheema" (2011). This short film covers the rescue operations by boat conducted by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum in Sindh, in which they saved 58,000 human lives, and a baby girl, Raheema, who was born after her pregnant mother was saved in these operations.

“When the Rains Came” 
 PANOS South Asia. 2011
My second film on the floods, produced by Newsline Films, "When the Rains Came" (2011), explores the man-made aspects of the flood disaster. As the the monsoon season of 2010 wreaked unprecedented havoc across Pakistan, a country besieged by multiple crises began to grapple with this unexpected crisis of epic proportions, and questions began to surface at many levels. This film explores how much of the damage was natural and how much of it was man-made.

“The Living Amongst the Dead” 
 Goethe-Institut Pakistan. 2010
    The film "The Living Amongst the Dead" (2010) , produced by the Goethe-Institut Pakistan, is about the Pakistan Flood survivors of 2010 who stayed at the historical Makli Tombs (14th-17th Century) in Thatta, Sindh. Makli Tombs is one of the largest necropoles in the world, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This centuries-old cultural heritage site became a backdrop for the refugees' survival,and seemed like a threshold between life and death. 

“A Step Ahead in Publishing”
Oxford University Press. 2010
A promotional documentary film for the Oxford University Press Pakistan, Karachi. Produced by Newsline Films          

“House of Wisdom”   
Danishkadah, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) 
and APCD (Asian Pacific Development Center on Disability). 2010
A video to create awareness for people with disabilities, with subtitles and voice overs in Sindhi, English, Urdu, and sign-language interpreters.

“Nursing the Mangroves”  
Visiting Arts UK and NuktaArt. 2010

A short film exploring the depletion of the Mangrove forests of the Indus River Delta, Pakistan. Screening at LinkTV’s ViewChange Online Film Festival. 

“The Charm of Transitoriness”
Goethe-Institut Pakistan. 2009

Produced by the Goethe-Institut Pakistan.
 A collection of 10 short documentary films on the heritage buildings and sites, Lower Sindh, Pakistan. These included the following sites: 

Dabgir Mosque, Thatta; Pukka Qila, Hyderabad; 
3 Jain Temples, Tharparkar; Rannikot Qila, Hyderabad; Manora Mandir, Karachi; Freemasons' Lodge, Karachi; Jam Tamachi ji Marri, Thatta; Baloch tombs, Karachi; Manghopir, Karachi

“Sabir Ali: Water Carrier”       
Dec. 2008
A short portrait of a young man who carries on a centuries-old method of delivering water in a  leather sack in the oldest parts of Karachi.
Screening at online film festival Culture Unplugged:

Give Me Your Love”
            Istanbul, 2007  
This is a documentary about the story of Jalaluddin Rumi's reed flute and the music of his Whirling Dervishes. Rumi had talked of the making and playing of the ney (reed flute) as a metaphor, for the training and subsequent transformation, of the human spirit. The metaphor still holds power for the Sufis, whose seemingly timeless world within a contemporary context is captured by the film. The viewer gets a taste of their world, of their philosophies and beliefs, the journey of love through audition and the aspiring to the sublime through the mundane.

“Reflections in the Mirror”  
International Documentary Challenge  Mar. 2008 

A short film enquiring into the current state of women’s empowerment in urban Pakistan. The film takes place in a beauty parlour, a seemingly stress-free and relaxed environment, until the employees talk about the difficulties they had to face in initially joining, and finally keeping up this job. As the film progresses, it peels off layers of meaning, and takes the audience deeper into the other more astonishing aspects of violence against women.

Selected amongst 25 top films selected for PBS’s P.O.V. Award in the International Documentary Challenge, USA.



Video Stills "Bloody Birds"(2012)
Duration: Approx. 2 minutes


Video Stills "Sketch One" (2009) of a series titled "The Aesthetics of Pollution"
Duration: Approx. 1 minute
Aspect Ratio: 720 x 576

 Video Stills "Sketches Continued" (2009) of a series titled "The Aesthetics of Pollution"
Duration: 9 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 720 x 576

Still from Autobiographical documentary "My Return"(2005)
Duration: Approx. 3 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 720 x 576

Digital photograph "Sailabzadgan"(2010)
Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5

Digital photograph "Doobtay Darakht"(2011)
Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5

Digital photograph "Nava Kumbharvara"(2012)
Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5

Still digital photographs "Lovesick II" (2010)

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